We selected some interesting web tools to integrate them in our classroom practice that can enable teacher to bring a sense of fun and motivation to our lessons, we can try some of them for example:

  1. To incorporate Student input and gather feedback.
  • Take it up a notch with Socrative
  • Plickers
  • Twitter twitter 

2.  Gamify it. 

  • Make your own Jeopardy game

3. Let students create

  • PowToon

4. Get interactive 

  • Online Interactive White Boards

5. Have Students Collaborate

  • Share writing and encourage feedback with NewsActivist.
  • Collaborative Mind Mapping with MindMeister
  • Collaborative Research

6. Project Based Learning

A better List Of Ideas For Project-Based learning

We hope this tools  can be helpful to teachers who visit our site. “Ignoring is not an option” you can find all the sites in this link .link

Emerging Tech


Done by

Marisela Castro Cruz

Tania Berenice Cacacho Constantino







The Importance of Word Clouds

tagxedo CULTURAL cloud



Judgments: If we teachers make false judgments we are making assumptions, and they can change into a prejudice, and a prejudice can become a discrimination when I reflect my prejudices into actions. I selected this word because  in our classes  students and teachers make judgments and they can damage people with discrimination  if we put actions against people that we judge or if we judge their actions.